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Behold, the All New Seventh Scout Site

After months of diligently pushing pixels, writing code, and adding just the right words, we’re excited to have launched the new Seventh Scout website!

In our new, shiny website, you can:

  • Get answers to what it is we do. What does it mean when we say, “full-service agency”? It’s not just that we offer more than the average bear in terms of services. It’s that we perform all the work in-house. See it all in Services.
  • Peel back the layers of our process. Want to know what really sets apart from other agencies? Then have a look at our Process, which accompanies each and every engagement.
  • Browse through a list of engagements. Our case studies and testimonials are front and center, on the homepage and in our Work section. See who we’ve worked with and how we helped grow their brand.
  • Gather insights on strategic marketing and learn best practices. When you just need the know-how and the tools to promote your product or service, see the Compass for posts from across the marketing spectrum.
  • Learn about our PROMISE to YOU. Seventh Scout is a unique agency, and if you don’t gather that from reading through our services and process, then you’ll discover it in the Scout’s Honor. Our commitment is what enables us to build sustainable partnerships, not just an index of clients.
  • Meet us. Well, not in person, but we can make that happen. Get to know a face with a name and learn a little bit about each person on our team. No robots here!
  • Easily contact us. Want to chat? Give us a shout! Let us know where you are with your brand journey and how we can help.

Need marketing advice? Ready to start a new campaign? We want to hear from you! We promise we won’t throw complex terms and numbers at you that’ll make your head spin. We’re here to help, so give us a ring at (800) 531-0784 or shoot us an email.

by Vira Vielmann

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