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CSS Element Queries

If you’re anything like us – constantly obsessing about process, craft, and product – you may find yourself caught in the ongoing, meta dialog of “Am I architecting my CSS correctly?”. Right?!? Yeah, of course!

We’ve worked in so many different development environments that we feel like we’ve seen and touched it all. And, of course, tomorrow that will all change [mild snarky sarcasm].

But here is something we haven’t really considered up until now. By that, we mean: We’ve sort of deliberately ignored it and we’re now trying to sort through actually folding into our development process. The use cases and abstracts make perfect sense but the “actual” of incorporating it site-wide in conjunction with existing @media queries is a bit fuzzy at the moment. EQCSS addresses a couple inherent CSS issues very well by introducing the @element selector.

Another thing EQCSS does very well is explain its purpose, use cases, and provide examples much better than we could. So, in the true spirit of “If it exists, don’t recreate it”, have a look at EQCSS, its use cases, and examples. And read this post for a more thorough understanding of the @element selector.

by Graham Lambertson

Codepen, CSS, EQCSS

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