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Design Thinking

We’re not huge fans of hearing or reading something then immediately parroting it onto some unsuspecting (and often unwilling) audience until we feel smart.

So, we won’t do that.

But once in a while, you hear something or read something – whether you’ve carefully curated it so you could pay attention or it found you by accident – and it “speaks” to you. It just…lands!

If you listen to the Hidden Brain podcast then you’re likely already familiar with this based on the timing of this post. The topic was Design Thinking and they had the most sensible way of applying problem-solving techniques, used by Designers and Engineers, to our own personal and work lives.

And the part that really leapt out and landed on us was the practice of prototyping various solutions – not just the one you think is the absolute correct solution. Think it, build it, try it, iterate upon it and prove that it works or doesn’t work. Actualize the concepts and collect data on them. We feel it’s as important to know what you’re saying “yes” to as it is to know what you’re saying “no” to. Really know your options by testing them; don’t just imagine them.

Link to Design Thinking episode

by Graham Lambertson

Design, Design Concepts, NPR

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