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Annual Well Visits Made Easy

Annual Well Visits (AWV’s) are a core tenant to proactive and preventative healthcare. As such, all Medicare recipients are entitled to a free annual well visit. The challenge to the healthcare system is that many providers do not incorporate nor offer these AWV’s as they cumbersome to administer and the penalties of performing them incorrectly far outweigh the profitability potential.

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The Challenge

My Care Ware has built a software platform that enables medical offices to more efficiently and effectively administer the AWV inside of their practices. Through this HIPAA compliant software platform, either the office staff or members of the My Care Ware team can thoroughly and properly administer the AWV freeing up the Doctor’s time while also increasing the profitability and potential for new patients to the medical practice. Seventh Scout partnered with founder, Susan Stevie, to create promotional materials for prospective AWV clients.