Email Marketing

Research from various media shows that email marketing continues to be an effective marketing channel. Email marketing not only helps boost a brand’s sales, but it also helps build stronger connections between customers and brands, increases traffic to your website, establishes authority and credibility with your brand. Not just that, but email marketing can be used at every stage of the customer journey: to attract, nurture, convert, and retain.

Email Campaigns

Whether you just launched your brand or rolled out the latest product, service, or white paper, Seventh Scout can set you up with smart email campaigns to help achieve your business goals. Depending on your needs, our team can manage the campaigns from crafting and designing the content to distributing the emails and tracking their success.

Tracking & Reporting

How do you know if your emails are working? A big reason why businesses fail at email marketing is because they don’t track performance and engagement and pivot when necessary. Seventh Scout knows the importance of tracking metrics. Not just that, we analyze the data and make recommendations for improvements when needed.