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Graham Lambertson

Graham Lambertson

Co-Founder & Director, Technology

Graham Lambertson is a Technology Director and characterizes himself as a hands-on, performance-driven “Creative working with Technology” with emphasis on UI and new-but-stable open web technologies. Graham holds a BA (Hons) from University of Houston.

Graham has extensive experience with web applications, website performance optimization, marketing automation tools, analytics integration, and email platforms. He has helped companies of all sizes, such as 3M, Honeywell, Subway, Shell, and Endurance International Group evolve their technical problem-solving through methods ranging from design sprints to adopting modern front-end workflows to technical audits.

Nice to Meet You

Hi’ya! I’m constantly exploring new technologies while staying rooted in stable, proven solutions. Here are a few things that are very front-of-mind for me at the moment: Site performance optimization, static site generators, RESS web development.

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