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Located in Austin, Texas, FÖDA is a brilliant creative agency, with amazing depth. FÖDA came to Seventh Scout with the need to redesign and rebuild their current website, which serves as a sales tool and showcases their beautiful work. They weren’t entirely disenchanted with their content, so the partnership concentrated on making their portfolio an online art piece.

Services: Creative Partnership, User Experience Design, CMS Architecture, Website Development

Industry: Design and Brand Development


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FÖDA came to Seventh Scout with the need to redesign and rebuild their current website, which serves as a sales tool and showcases their beautiful work. Their website was a bit of a departure from the actual experience of working with FÖDA. Their typography rules and brand colors, and unique approach to their work – that differentiates them in the market – needed to be represented on their website.

Using the Brutalist Design school as the starting point to drive the UI + UX, we worked closely with our beloved client to architect an image-heavy portfolio website. We executed this from concept to code – completely skipping wireframes and design. Brutal Brutalism from a couple of brutes gents.


Let’s try this.

It’s important to point out that the process for this project was very unique, and it was this: Concept to Code. FÖDA’s existing site supplemented the need for content architecture and wireframes. They weren’t entirely disenchanted with their existing content, and still [mostly] loved it.

We engaged in lengthy conversations about possible outcomes, tethered initially to schools of thought rather than self-imposed limitations. This was a very organic (and, honestly, slightly uncomfortable) approach to solving something that too often has a rigid, time-based process.

We took our copious notes from these discussions and began iteratively prototyping pages, components, and features. We did this over the course of two months, until we were sure that we had it at least 90% right.

Channeling Edward Tufte’s thoughts on UI/UX, principles of Brutalism on Design, and our own vast experience, we solved problems as we moved prototypes into the actual build.

Positive Outcomes

Three months and several iterations later, Seventh Scout delivered to FÖDA an original, engaging, highly-performant website that employs a decoupled CMS framework and a modern front-end workflow.

The success of this project speaks not only to an impressive uptick in site performance and user engagement, it speaks to Seventh Scout’s willingness to listen to our clients. The “one-process-fits-all” model is broken. We listen. We engage. We partner.

“That’s why Jazz works so well. You can’t put just any group of people in a room and expect beautiful outcomes. They need to be masters of their craft…know when it’s time for a solo, know when it’s time to play behind the beat, know how their presence affects the set.”

— From a conversation between FÖDA and Seventh Scout
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