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Meet the Seventh Scout

The fable of the Seventh Scout is the tale of a homesteader who ventures out to find a piece of land. He is immediately approached by a group of scouts, each claiming they know the best location. One takes him near the river; another takes him to a flat plot that can be used for growing crops; still another takes him to the high point of a ridge…and on and on.

The Seventh Scout listened to what the homesteader was looking for, taking note of what he wanted to do with the land and the kind of life he wanted for himself and his family. Approaching the family, the Seventh Scout confidently presented a piece of land that was the perfect fit. This story guides the way we engage with each of our clients.

We lead you–our client–not on a path that we’ve been on with others, but a whole new direction, that’s right just for you. What remains consistent, however, are the four checkpoints we go through along the way: Discover, Plan, Act, and Optimize.

The Path of the Seventh Scout

Seventh Scout applies a proven process for true partnership. The four checkpoints along the Scout’s Path inform the strategy, and help us select the right activities to achieve your goals for your business.


First, we’ll get the lay of the land and identify the best way forward.


The second phase includes time with key stakeholders to define the project and start mapping out a sound strategy.


Next, we use all our necessary tools to execute the plan. We keep an eye on the scope, budget, and scale to ensure we’re always working the agreed-upon plan.


Once we’ve compiled the data, we’ll analyze it, and adjust course as needed.

Seventh Scout

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