Christine Bartkowski

Digital Marketing Strategist

Christine’s Why: To approach life and its challenges with a vigor for continuous growth, while encouraging others to do the same.

I live and breathe by my to-do list and Google Calendar, and I’m always eager to support others by ensuring they have the tools and strategies they need to stay organized and focused. As a strategist at Seventh Scout, I work with clients to drive new and improved strategies that engage diverse audiences, lead and review content of all shapes and sizes, and manage overall project execution.

I’m a born and raised Southerner who graduated from The University of North Texas where I studied marketing and—plot twist—theater arts. What I loved so much about working in the arts was collaborating with a group of people who hold a blend of unique strengths to tell a collective story. While in college I also discovered my passion for marketing, which allows me to do the same kind of work in a slightly different context.

Before becoming a Scout, I spent my career in marketing and communications with various companies in the nonprofit and education sectors. I worked to tell brand stories and drive audience engagement at multiple theaters across North Texas and other education organizations serving K-12 students of all kinds. Throughout my time at these companies, my passion was creating campaigns, content, and communications that don’t just boost brand visibility, but also turn heads and drive meaningful conversions.

I currently live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but I will also use any excuse to travel to new places. A band I love has a show in another city? I’m there! I have a long layover in a state I’ve never been to before? Perfect! I always look forward to exploring new places and learning along the way.

Christine Bartkowski