Rhodes Gibson

Partner & Director, Digital

In Memoriam: August 30, 1971 – May 5, 2021

Rhodes faced his pancreatic cancer diagnosis with the same optimism that we saw everyday and chose to walk that path privately, not wanting attention to be given to him. As a result of the patient-centric care he received at Livestrong Cancer Institute’s CaLM Clinic, Rhodes would share that he was not fighting his cancer but rather seeking the best way to keep his mind and body healthy as the chemo and clinical trials sought to eradicate the cancer.

A native of El Paso, Rhodes attended the University of Texas, where many friends knew him as Cecil. With a B.S. in Psychology, Rhodes ventured to the Pacific Northwest, where he began his career counseling troubled children and teens. As many friends will recall, he loved giving back to the community and loathed technology, so social work was the perfect career. While living in Portland, he received his M.S. in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College.

Upon his return to Austin, he could no longer escape the pull of technology and became a highly sought-after web developer specializing in web accessibility. For the past 20 years, Rhodes has helped found two marketing agencies, Go9Media and Seventh Scout, and has worked with clients across various industries, from large corporate brands like Dell and HomeAway to small businesses and real estate communities.

Clients knew their business was in good hands when they worked with Rhodes. His candor, expertise, and quick wit made communications so effortless. Rhodes treated everyone on the same level, like friends and family. He was easy to work with and fun to be around. Aside from his amazing sense of humor, selflessness, and authenticity, he truly cared about people, no matter their background, and ultimately just wanted to see them succeed, offering to help however he could.

We will miss Rhodes’ infectious laughter, epic banter, and picture-perfect, pearly-white smile.

“Woop. Woop.”

Rhodes Gibson