Rhodes Gibson

In Memoriam.

Rhodes Gibson

August 30, 1971 – May 5, 2021

Cecil Rhodes Gibson, III passed away on May 5, 2021, with his best friend and husband, Jeff Tippie, by his side.

Rhodes faced his pancreatic cancer diagnosis with the same optimism that we saw everyday and chose to walk that path privately, not wanting attention to be given to him. As a result of the patient-centric care he received at Livestrong Cancer Institute’s CaLM Clinic, Rhodes would share that he was not fighting his cancer but rather seeking the best way to keep his mind and body healthy as the chemo and clinical trials sought to eradicate the cancer.

Rhodes Gibson

A native of El Paso, Rhodes attended the University of Texas, where many friends knew him as Cecil. With a B.S. in Psychology, Rhodes ventured to the Pacific Northwest, where he began his career counseling troubled children and teens. As many friends will recall, he loved giving back to the community and loathed technology, so social work was the perfect career. While living in Portland, he received his M.S. in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College.

Upon his return to Austin, he could no longer escape the pull of technology and became a highly sought-after web developer specializing in web accessibility. For the past 20 years, Rhodes has helped found two marketing agencies, Go9Media and Seventh Scout, and has worked with clients across various industries, from large corporate brands like Dell and HomeAway to small businesses and real estate communities.

Clients knew their business was in good hands when they worked with Rhodes. His candor, expertise, and quick wit made communications so effortless. Rhodes treated everyone on the same level, like friends and family. He was easy to work with and fun to be around. Aside from his amazing sense of humor, selflessness, and authenticity, he truly cared about people, no matter their background, and ultimately just wanted to see them succeed, offering to help however he could.

We will miss Rhodes’ infectious laughter, epic banter, and picture-perfect, pearly-white smile.

“Woop. Woop.”

We welcome you to share some of your favorite memories and stories in the guestbook below. In lieu of flowers, consider donating in honor of his memory to PanCan, the Pancreatic Cancer Network.

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Holly Collins Holly Collins from Austin, Texas wrote on May 25, 2021
I'm so devastated and heartbroken to learn of Rhodes' passing. I never had a meeting with Rhodes that didn't leave me smiling and laughing. He was so kind, patient, and fun to work with. Having started a job completely remotely due to the pandemic, I appreciated how Rhodes always took the time to help make sure I knew how to use our website. All my love and prayers to everyone in Rhodes' life, from his husband, family, and friends to co-workers and clients. And Rhodes, thank you for everything.
Ami Defesche Ami Defesche from Austin, TX wrote on May 16, 2021
Rhodes, it took me so long to figure out how I could even sum up what a special person you were in this world and in my life. You took a chance on hiring me as in intern at Go9Media when I was only a sophomore in college at St. Ed’s, and from that internship, you became one of my most influential mentors and, along with the rest of the Go9 team, family. You taught me to learn on the fly, and by that I mean Googling for answers, because l was asking you questions every 4 seconds. You taught me to be confident and own my creativity. To take chances, and the art of winging it sometimes. You taught me to appreciate tapas and good wine. How to brew decent coffee. 🙂 You were at my college graduation and my wedding. Your bright smile and contagious laughter will be a part of some of my most important memories for the rest of my life. Thank you. For everything.
Andrea Hamblin Andrea Hamblin wrote on May 16, 2021
Dude! I had no idea you were battling pancreatic cancer. Per usual, you didn’t let the world know what was ailing you. Instead, you showed us a smile and and continued to make us laugh. We worked together at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. You brought so much positive energy and creativity to the Instructional Technology Department When I read this obit, I scoffed at the remark that said you loathed technology. How could that be? Not from you, a man that could wield it to make beautiful websites that were also accessible to those who might be blind or hearing impaired. We did some amazing web work for AIR Austin together. One Christmas, you gave a gift to us. It was a music CD with your favorite tunes. I will have to dig it out of a moving box, play it while drinking a toast to you and all of the positive and creative energy you poured into the world. Gone at 49, just a few months short of your fiftieth birthday. Nah, your memory and jovial spirit will live on with us forever. RIP Rhodes.
Mercedes Costello Mercedes Costello from Houston wrote on May 15, 2021
My sweetest brother, being heart broken cannot accurately describe the loss I feel with your passing. To say that I will miss you, doesn't scratch the surface. Thank you for your love, laughter, your shoulder and comfort. Ever the consumate protector, you never flinched when it came to looking after me, not even in the end when you were the one who really needed it. From fighting over toys in Paris, to dancing til dawn in college. To just laying around watching TV fighting cancer together, I dont know how to manage without you here. I love you, I know you are looking down on us all and taking care of us. Until we meet again sweet sweet sunshine. 💔 Mercie
Madeline Martinez Madeline Martinez from El Paso wrote on May 15, 2021
C3 u were always the life of the party, all of ur family in El Paso,TX love u and u will b greatly missed by the Ingo family. May god have u in his glory with grama Ingo by ur side.
Nicholas Galbraith Nicholas Galbraith from Austin wrote on May 14, 2021
Our team had the great pleasure of working with Rhodes on launching a new product and website very recently. His passion for his work was impressive and ever more inspiring after we learned of his illness. We are just so grateful for our time with him and the panache he brought to every encounter. Part of his work and legacy is helping us expand access to healthcare to LGBTQIA+ Texans across the state. We feel blessed couldn't have done it without him.
Patricia Fowler Patricia Fowler from Austin, TX wrote on May 12, 2021
I met Rhodes when the non profit that I work for was in need of a new development and marketing team. From the moment I met him, Rhodes was always so kind to me. An absolute professional, he never let on that I was bugging him with my countless questions. The subject line of my emails was often "Random Ass Question"! What a joy to work with for the past few years. I'm going to miss our tacos and margarita outings. It still doesn't feel real that I will not see you again or work together. I will miss you, but I am so grateful that I got to know you, even for a little while. My heart mourns with your family and loved ones.
Yadi Puente Yadi Puente from San Antonio wrote on May 12, 2021
My favorite memory of Cousin C3 as of us as young children dancing in the car to Like a Virgin by Madonna. He’s contagious laugh always brought a smile to my face and his wonderful sense of humor and love towards others is how I will cherish his memory.
Laura Olesen ("Ole") Laura Olesen ("Ole") from Austin, TX wrote on May 12, 2021
I've had the privilege of knowing Rhodes in snippets in my life and one thing is certain: he was an absolute delight. Authentic, smart, funny, full of joy, present. It always fired me up to see him. No doubt, his spirit will live on in those of us who will strive to honor his passion for life. My condolences go out to all who have lost Rhodes, especially you, Jeff. May your hearts remain full of all of the joy you've shared. Rhodes, may you rest in peace and continued badassery. Taken far, far too soon...
Todd Miller Todd Miller from Scottsdale wrote on May 11, 2021
Rhodes was brought on to help a client with their marketing needs until they could fill the full-time marketing position. I was the person hired for the position and soon realized that I was in way over my head and Rhodes COULD NOT LEAVE. I saw that what he was able to accomplish as an advisor/consultant with no support was simply amazing. Thankfully he stayed on, and I have been fortunate to have worked with him on several other projects. I learned from Rhodes. I admired his outlook on life. I appreciated his humor. I’m going to miss Rhodes.
Laura Jones Laura Jones from Austin wrote on May 11, 2021
The world has lost a bright light indeed. I will miss Rhodes' infectious sense of humor and his always on-target insights. It was a privilege and honor to get to know him. My sincerest condolences go to his family, friends, and colleagues.
Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson from Kansas City, MO wrote on May 10, 2021
Rhodes, I’m blessed to call a friend. I worked with Rhodes for many years and loved being around him. Rhodes was so smart, kind, sweet, and hilarious! I will miss your smile that would light up a room. Sending my love to Jeff, thinking about you both.
Julien Fleury Julien Fleury from Villers sur Mer wrote on May 10, 2021
Rhodes was one of the most kind people I have met in my life. He showed me kindness that I did not know was possible in this world. Rhodes stayed by my side when my mother was in her final days of stage four breast cancer. He made sure that she and I were not alone. That type of kindness, I will never forget. Especially in a world that can seem so dark sometimes. Rhodes made this world seem bright when the darkest moments came about. I will miss him. We could all stand to try and be a small percentage of the human being he was. I raise my glass to you Rhodes, wherever you may be.
Cindy Gamboa Cindy Gamboa from Spring wrote on May 10, 2021
C3 you are now the angel in spirit that you ALWAYS were in life. I love you.
Savannah Gamboa Savannah Gamboa from Spring, Tx wrote on May 10, 2021
Uncle C3, Words will never be enough to explain how deeply grateful I am for the privilege I had to call you my uncle. You were such a light to this world and to my life, your smile was infectious and contagious. Your laugh and jokes will forever keep a special place in my heart. I know that God has taken you at such an unexpected moment and we mourn your passing as the days go on, but we not only mourn but we live on to share your memories, legacies, and we live to seek your wishes before your passing come true. I will forever be thankful that you and Uncle Jeff had the opportunity to meet my son. I will look at that photo and always remember how excited you were to meet my loving creation and how you couldn’t let him go because he was so attached to you. I love you with all my heart and may you rest in heavenly peace my sweet uncle. -Savannah
Sherry Scott Sherry Scott from Wimberley wrote on May 9, 2021
A hugely bright light has left this world. Rhodes came to work for me at St. Edward’s as his first job after moving to Austin. His energy and desire to learn inspired me to hire him, and I never regretted it. He was immensely fun to work with and together we pushed the development of of the University’s website into many new functionalities and exciting design features. Rhodes was always ready to learn the next new thing. I am shattered to learn of his passing. Rest In Peace, my friend.
Jen Crow Jen Crow from Austin wrote on May 9, 2021
Rhodes was so lively and so loving. I hope he sends back sweet messages from the great beyond which his loved ones are able to hear.
Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia from Austin wrote on May 9, 2021
This world lost a bright beautiful light. I met Rhodes about 20 years ago- he was by my side for so many firsts, many celebrations, and many heartbreaks. Through it all, he was supportive, kind and compassionate. There are so many lessons I can learn from him, he was my forever friend. I don’t know what this world looks like without him but I promise I will never forget his love, passion, and great big smile.