Our Process

Discover. Plan. Act. Optimize.

The Path of the Seventh Scout

At Seventh Scout, we put our tools to good work. Our decades of expertise, intelligence, and the prowess of our troops come together to leverage the latest technology so we can create and maintain vibrant, quantifiable, and impactful marketing solutions.

Our approach is comprehensive that we visualize as a path through which we guide every client. Along the Seventh Scout path, we pass four checkpoints: Discover, Plan, Act, and Optimize. As we travel the path with our clients, we gather data, make recommendations for improvements, regroup, and then sometimes venture down the path again—all with the focus of getting your business the results it deserves.


First, we’ll get the lay of the land and identify the best way forward.


The second phase includes time with key stakeholders to define the project and start mapping out a sound strategy.


Next, we use all our necessary tools to execute the plan. We keep an eye on the scope, budget, and scale to ensure we’re always working the agreed-upon plan.


Once we’ve compiled the data, we’ll analyze it, and adjust course as needed.

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