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If your website copy reads like an infomercial, you’re doing it wrong. Sure, the power of content brings leads to the yard. But pitching templated sales tactics doesn’t. Customers want to build trust with a business before engaging or making a purchasing decision. How do you build trust? By sounding human and providing valuable content. Remember, websites get customers in the door. Content influences decisions, whether it’s purchasing a product, trying out a demo, or registering for an event.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing provides valuable information to a specific audience with a clear call to action. Our content writers work with you to identify what your unique value proposition and how to communicate this value to customers without sounding like an aggressive salesperson. Our writers can help translate your brand into words, so your copy has a consistent brand voice and gives potential customers what they want.

Strategy & Planning

We don’t just spit out content strategy. We consider the personas, goals, and the brand itself, and use the data from market research and analytics to make educated recommendations on content topics, themes, and campaigns. We provide a rich content calendar, displaying all of the key topics, content pieces, a timeline, and recommended distribution channels. Moreover, we ensure the calendar is manageable, sustainable, and makes sense.

Content Creation & Delivery

What makes Seventh Scout stand out from other agencies is our ability to consult on the best marketing strategies and turn around and do the work in-house. We help create content for all digital media, whether it’s for your brand’s website emails, social media channels, or paid advertising, and distribute/post/publish the content. Moreover, we know different media channels serve different audiences. Seventh Scout will always ensure your messages are crafted to fit a distribution channel and the audience it serves.

Content Architecture

Content is the foundation of a successful site. Knowing your audience and crafting impactful, well-organized content will guide the architecture of the site, inform a solid navigation scheme, and help create an engaging user experience.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We welcome the opportunity to work with your business. Contact us to get started.

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