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User-Centric Navigation

In our collaborative effort with COVE, a clear strategy emerged to address their content-related challenges. We initiated a comprehensive content audit, meticulously identifying crucial content and eliminating duplicates. This audit laid the groundwork for a more streamlined and effective content structure.

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“One struggle we originally had was making it easy for users to actually understand what it is we do at COVE. Our original website almost had too much information and wasn’t laid out in a comprehensive manner. Seventh Scout did an amazing job of taking all of our content and featuring it in a clear and concise message that makes it easier for users to navigate through and find what they need.”


Kristin Zinkl, Business Development & Marketing Director, COVE

A Dynamic Resource Center

One of the pivotal aspects of our work involved the transformation of COVE’s resource center, which encompassed a variety of valuable materials like white papers, blogs, and webinars. 

Before After News page from old COVE websiteResources section of COVE website

Together, we envisioned a user-friendly interface, integrating filters for content types, topics, and more. The reimagined resource center now offers visitors a more intuitive and efficient way to access the information they seek.

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