Hill Country Ride for AIDS

Love. Ride. Repeat.

Seventh Scout’s owner Lynn Yeldell has participated in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS numerous times. She has ridden with the Wheelie Nelsons team, volunteered at pit stops, and even camped overnight! So we’re no strangers to the Ride and its essential mission. In 2019, HCRA approached Seventh Scout to design the official rider kits for the 2020 Ride. The following year we expanded our partnership with HCRA to include design and branding for all of the Ride’s materials.

As a longtime supporter of the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, Seventh Scout was excited to continue our support as a sponsor of the 24th Annual Ride in 2023. We’re proud to support an organization that does so much for the Austin community!

Hill Country Ride for AIDS 2023 Poster
HCRA 2023 Sponsor Sign

2022 Ride

As a longtime supporter of the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, Seventh Scout was excited to become a sponsor of the 2022 Ride, named The Reunion. This event celebrates riders and supporters returning to a full, in-person event after two years of pandemic-constrained events.

HCRA 2022 Branding
HCRA 2022 Poster

For “The Reunion” ride, we wanted to create a friendly, funky, and slightly retro vibe. The swoopy and loopy rounded script event logo harkens back to the days of iron-on t-shirt artwork, while the bright and poppy colors keep things fresh and energetic.

2022 jersey
2022 jersey
HCRA thermometer
HCRA social post
testimonial icon

““Etsy blue bottle pabst, vegan messenger bag banh mi sartorial af normcore glossier keytar tofu hoodie. Truffaut venmo mustache live-edge sriracha flexitarian lumbersexual kinfolk affogato praxis try-hard. Aesthetic franzen affogato helvetica, blog mumblecore pour-over tacos drinking vinegar hexagon offal slow-carb yuccie lyft narwhal.””

Cory Baker

Tim Young, Hill Country Ride for AIDS Board Chair

2021 Ride

For the 2021 Hill Country Ride for AIDS, Seventh Scout designed the overall event branding including posters, shirts, rider kit, as well as print and digital promotional materials.

HCRA 2021 Poster
2021 HCRA Jersey
HCRA 2021 Stickers
HCRA 2021 Hoodie
HCRA 2021 card
HCRA 2021 sign
2021 HCRA stickers

2020 Ride

We designed the official rider kit (jersey, hat, and bibs) for the 2020 Hill Country Ride for AIDS.

2020 Jersey Front
2020 Jersey Back