Digital Marketing During Coronavirus – SEO

SEO During Coronavirus webinar sharing tips and best practices on creating and implementing your your 2020 strategy during Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The second in our webinar series on “Digital Marketing During Coronavirus,” our panel of Scouts hosted a free and interactive webinar on Search Engine Marketing (SEO), an important digital marketing tool, especially while the large majority of your customer, prospects, and everyone else are staying home during coronavirus.

If you are just beginning the shift to digital marketing, our panel shares tips and best practices on creating and implementing your SEO Strategy. For those who are already leveraging SEO to grow your business, our panel shares information about adapting your 2020 strategy during Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Below is a recording of this webinar where we cover:

  • How Search Engines Work – crawl, index, rank
  • Make A Plan to Get Started with SEO – start searching, conduct an SEO Audit, run competitor analysis, build your team
  • Keywords / Phrases – keywords are clues, find the most unique and targeted keywords for your customers
  • Page Structure – Importance of title tags and heading tags (H1 tag specifically)
  • Connection with Content – Good SEO is connected to all of your content, not just keywords
  • Stay Committed to the Long Term – Plan for the path out of any current crisis as SEO is a long term strategy.
  • Find Your Authentic Voice – Create content to connect as search engines look for “beneficial purpose” through YMYL and EAT.



Next in our series of webinars is “SEO During Coronavirus – ROI


If you would like to share a tip, give us some feedback, or get copy of the presentation, contact us and we are happy to share.



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Lynn Yeldell is the Owner of Seventh Scout. She is commonly referred to as our quarterback due to her love for advocating for others and leading teams.

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