Seven Questions with Seventh Scout: Christine Bartkowski

Seven Questions with Seventh Scout: Christine Bartkowski

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our Seventh Scout team, Christine Bartkowski! Joining us as our Strategist, Christine brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovative digital marketing solutions. Based in Dallas, TX, Christine is all set to help brands craft compelling strategies that resonate and engage. Get to know more about Christine, her role, her vibrant personality, and why she is the perfect fit for our collaborative and dynamic team.

Meet Christine Bartkowski - Strategist

Hi, I’m Christine!

I’m a born and raised Southerner who currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. I’m also a lover of the arts. In fact, I loved it so much that while I was in college at The University of North Texas, I studied both marketing and theater. Why did I enjoy working in the arts? I loved working with a group of people who hold a blend of unique strengths to tell a collective story. Working in marketing allows me to do that same thing in a slightly different way.

Before becoming a Scout, I spent my career in marketing and communications with various companies in the nonprofit and education sectors. I worked to tell brand stories and drive audience engagement at multiple North Texas theaters, including Dallas Children’s Theater and Arts Mission Oak Cliff, and other education organizations serving K-12 students of all kinds. Throughout my time at these companies, my passion was creating campaigns, content, and communications that don’t just boost brand visibility but also turn heads and drive meaningful conversions.

As a strategist at Seventh Scout, I’m beyond thrilled to work with clients to drive new and improved strategies that engage diverse audiences, lead and review content of all shapes and sizes, and manage successful project execution!

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Seven Questions With Christine

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What are three words to describe you?

Optimistic, Imaginative, & Punctual because I am chronically early to everything!

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What led you to this career?

Definitely the storytelling aspect! I grew up in the arts and doing theater, and so marketing is just another way for me to tell stories, but just in a slightly different way.

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What’s the next thing on your Texas to-do list?

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What are you currently excited about in your job?

The thing I’m most excited about is working with a group of people who are passionate, talented, and mission-driven.

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What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

A yoga class in the morning, an iced latte, a walk with my husband and my dog, and then probably rounding off the evening by going to dinner at a new restaurant.

Do you have any secret talents or hidden hobbies?

I really love knitting. The only caveat is that I’m really good at starting projects, but I’m not good at finishing them. So, if you ever need a half-completed hat or a half-finished scarf, I’m your girl!

What's your most used emoji?

The one that’s giggling with its hand in front of its mouth. 🤭 I love it!

Learn More About Our Team

We invite you to get to know Christine better by checking out her team bio page, where you can read about her passions! While there, we invite you to check out all our team members!

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