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Millennial. Foodie. Dog Mom. Libra. Social Media and Paid Advertising Manager.

These are just a few of the many titles describing Seventh Scout’s Emily Dennis. As our campaign-based social media management expert, we rely on Emily for all our content planning, creation, scheduling, promotion, and reporting. She is all about humanizing brands and building online communities. Learn why there is no one better to help brands amplify their voice!

Emily Dennis - Social Media and Paid Advertising Manager

Hey y’all, I’m Emily! I grew up in a small farm town in Washington State and attended Washington State University, where I eventually completed my Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.

As the head of social media and paid advertising at Seventh Scout, I do a number of different things. For social media, I build out social media strategies and create social media content for our clients to boost their online presence, build an engaging online community, and amplify the personal sides of their brand. For paid advertising, I further build that connection and the promotion of the brand through paid search and social strategies. 

I’m all about humanizing a brand to showcase the incredible people that keep the company running on the day-to-day and connect with the audience on a more personal level. In a world built on relationships, your online relationships shouldn’t be overlooked but nurtured. 

I found Seventh Scout at the pandemic’s peak and begged them to offer me a position. Much to my luck (and surprise), I joined the team, moved to Austin, and never looked back. At Seventh Scout, I really feel valued as a whole human – not just as an employee or for my work. 

I’ve always loved connecting with other people, and social media gives us the space to do exactly that. 

I’m excited to continue to bring my passion for building and nurturing relationships to our work at Seventh Scout.

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Seven Questions With Emily

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What are three words to describe you?

According to Maggie, I’m witty, intelligent, and kind-hearted!

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What led you to this career?

While obtaining my MBA at Washington State, I worked in the Marketing Department for the business college, and the interest I had in marketing only grew from there. When making the jump to Austin, I found Seventh Scout and never looked back!

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What's the most interesting part of your job with Seventh Scout?

I get to play as a lot of people! In social media, I get to own the brand’s voice and characteristics, so it’s kind of like I get to be a method actor at times.

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What is your top Austin food recommendation?

Ooof, such a hard but good question, as I’m a total foodie, and Austin has so many great options, so I have so many. But a few are Bar Peached, Aba, & El Alma.

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What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

I love a relaxing, veg-out day. You can catch me on the couch with my favorite snacks and drinks, binging reality tv & movies!

What’s your favorite social media channel?

I love TikTok for entertainment, Pinterest for inspiration, and Instagram for keeping up with family and friends.

What's your most used emoji?

The salsa-dancing lady in the red dress! 💃🏼

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