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Since early 2019, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in our view of workplaces adapting to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have sought to respond to the new post-pandemic work environment rapidly. Only a couple of years ago, the idea of transitioning a business to a remote or hybrid work model was seen as infeasible. Now it is quickly becoming the norm. Employers and employees have rapidly become accustomed to what we thought was a temporary change. Companies everywhere joined in the shift; they increased their flexibility while appealing to a workforce that increasingly prefers remote or hybrid working options. Our digital marketing agency built upon the flexible framework and emerged stronger and more nimble. 

We are witnessing an evolution in how digital marketing agencies view themselves and serve clients by adopting hybrid and remote work models. The changing business climate has presented opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of alternative work environment models. As a digital marketing agency, Seventh Scout has adapted our work environment and how we work for and with our clients and partners.

Creating a Modern Work Environment

From the lingering restrictions of the pandemic, we have created our modern, flexible digital marketing agency. Our work model leverages the advantages of a malleable work environment to serve a client’s needs best. The elastic nature of our agency allows us to adapt to meet the needs of our specific clients quickly.

Hybrid Work Model

Since our inception, Seventh Scout embraced this hybrid model with a core full-time team and numerous available contractors. This structure allows us to dedicate one or two team members to those clients whose needs do not require as much workforce. Our clients receive focused attention from a smaller team but with the advantages of a more prominent company behind them.

Seventh Scout remains open to a rapid scale-up for clients when a larger team is necessary by bringing on remote contractors to bolster the ability to serve large clients quickly. As a result, we work with a more comprehensive range of clients when previously they might have been too large or small for a particular agency and allow for the natural growth of marketing as our client’s business expands or perhaps contracts.

The advantages of this model are not just limited to scalability. Additionally, it allows Seventh Scout to have specific team members work more closely with particular customers. We partner our clients with particular team members who are more suitable to that client’s needs. These teams work more closely with the client to better grasp the client’s brand, image, and voice. This proximity and understanding enable our digital marketing agency to personalize marketing plans which, supported by HubSpot’s State of Marketing research, garners more interaction from the targeted audiences. As companies continue to prioritize interaction with their audiences on digital media and platforms, displaying a cohesive brand personality and voice is critical for success.

Encouraging Collaboration

Furthermore, flexible agencies allow the client to have more options when implementing an agency into their marketing strategies. Gone are the days of large omnibus marketing agencies that take on all of a client’s marketing needs.

As seen in the Wall Street Journal, Deloitte has documented that clients seek to maximize the return on marketing investment. Many have opted to take advantage of flexible agencies by piecemealing work to multiple agencies at a time. This allows brands to use vendors that focus their specific expertise on one area of the overall marketing plan. This strategy allows for more creativity and inspiration, as multiple teams examine problems from several different perspectives. Ultimately the goal is to generate innovative solutions and inventive marketing strategies.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, remote and hybrid workplaces are here to stay. What was once a radical change in how we viewed working, has become the standard. Likewise, the changes in how business is conducted are also here to stay. How we get our work done has evolved to match a flexible business environment. This environment allows for a new style of agency to take center stage in the market, one which is built on maximizing the advantages of its flexible work environment to enable it to meet the needs of its clients better. It is clear that modern flexible marketing agencies are here to stay in today’s ever-changing marketing environment.

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Lynn Yeldell

Lynn Yeldell is the Owner of Seventh Scout. She is commonly referred to as our quarterback due to her love for advocating for others and leading teams.

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