Up-To-Date Digital Ad Specs

title: up-to-date digital ad specs

If you aspire to run paid digital advertisements, knowing digital ad specifications will help you achieve better results in your future ads. While all social media platforms follow similar templates for paid advertisements, understanding the unique digital ad specs of each allows you to showcase your marketing skills and improve the reach of existing ads. In this blog, we will give you a guide for creating digital ad specs that will get you noticed.

How to Start

First, you’ll want to know the shape and size of the ad you want to make. The size and shape will be different for the major social media platforms. For an Instagram ad, it’s better to do a vertical or square ad because of how the app works, but with Facebook you may want to use a horizontal or square ad to fit the theme of the platform. Remember, seamless integration of an ad is just as important as the ad itself.

What Goes in Your Digital Ads

The headline and description of your ad need to convey a clear message. But, the writing needs to be concise. Too many words can deter a potential customer from looking at your ad. Here are some helpful character count recommendations.


google content ad specs

Paid advertisement content specifications for Google:


Facebook content ad specs

Paid advertisement content specifications for Facebook:


Instagram content ad specs

Paid advertisement content specifications for Instagram:


LinkedIn content paid ad specs

Paid advertisement content specifications for LinkedIn:


Twitter content paid ad specs

Paid advertisement content specifications for Twitter:

Image Design

The image you use can make or break the whole ad. You want it to capture the attention of the user while understanding the point of the ad. The design of the image should be simple so it doesn’t distract from the ad itself. Every platform accepts both PNG and JPEG/JPG file types for digital ads. Here are some helpful sizing recommendations for each platform.

content ad specs for social media

Note that these are just some of the available ad spec options for paid digital advertising and depending on your intended result, you may want to use a variety of ad sizes or formats such as banner ads, Gmail ads, or video format ads.

It’s important to follow the digital ad specifications when creating a project. If you were to use the wrong file size or image size, it could ruin the quality and intention of the ad. Online advertising specs can be very specific so make sure you follow their guidelines. We hope this blog will help you create premium ads that will grow your reach.

Looking to dive a little deeper into digital ad specs? No worries! We’ve gathered more detailed information for you for each platform.

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