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Located along Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, Texas, the Long Center for the Performing Arts offers diverse programming so that everyone in Austin can experience remarkable live arts and entertainment together. From performances, music, movies, hangouts, festivals, and countless other events, the Long Center unites the community. Building upon our close relationship, Seventh Scout worked with the Long Center team to overcome systemic issues with their existing website. These challenges were made worse with the dark stages during the pandemic and a shifting business model relying on growing venue rental and membership revenue streams. As the Board Chair of the Long Center Board of Trustees, our owner, Lynn Yeldell, had a front-row seat to the challenges facing “Austin’s Front Row.”

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The website redesign process began with a collaborative meeting between the Long Center and Seventh Scout teams to outline clear articulations of the purpose and desired outcomes achieved for users and the organization. It was important to build flexibility into the site so it can transform in the future while still accomplishing current goals. Our teams dug in cross-departmentally with internal stakeholders to ensure content and functionality would align with goals across all business lines.

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“The approach from Seventh Scout was very unique because it really was so high level about ‘what emotions do we want to evoke’ or whether, you know, again, ‘what is the mission?’ What are we what do we want people to think about and feel about the Long Center? And then they were able to build beneath that. Every single team member was there for us and over-delivered and you could tell was just really passionate and cared about it and cared about us and what we were doing.”

Cory Baker

Cory Baker, President & CEO, Long Center

Positive Outcomes

The website received positive feedback and immediately saw an increase in traffic, memberships, venue rental inquiries, and overall audience retention.

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Nearly Doubled Monthly Pages Per Session


Significant Increase in Venue Rental Lead Generation