Copy & Paste 5 Email Templates You Need To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an essential component for building relationships with your audience members. Download these 5 FREE email marketing templates to start communicating with your clients TODAY!

Although most people believe that all emails end up in the spam folder, trash, or piled-up in someone’s inbox, email marketing is not dead. Over 290 billion emails are sent and received each day. Both large enterprises and small businesses use email marketing to communicate with their customers on a regular basis. The content within promotional emails is used to push traffic to websites, increase audience engagement, and generate sales

With the right content, your emails can escape the trash can. Essential components of a successful email include:

  • Well-crafted subject line

Effective subject lines are short and to the point. Good subject lines tell a reader what they can expect inside the email and are best-received when they are catchy or funny.

  • Engaging content

When you’re writing an email, it’s essential to keep your audience’s attention span in mind. Although you might have a lot to say, the best emails are under 200 words.

  • Responsive Design 

Today, emails are read anywhere and everywhere people are. All marketing emails should have a responsive design that allows readers to view them from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

  • Clear call to action

If you want your email to produce measurable results, your emails need a clear call to action. Always keep your CTA concise by telling your readers exactly what you want them to do and why.

  • Brand Identity 

Whenever you send an email, you want your audience to know it’s from you without having to read the text. The best way to ensure a recognizable email is to incorporate elements of your brand into the content. Use your brand colors, logo, and brand voice to make your communication stand out among the crowd.

  • Compliance To CAN-SPAM Laws

Unfortunately, the emergence of email marketing in the early 2000s also brought about a myriad of inappropriate emails and uninvited solicitations. To control the types of communications appearing in inboxes, the United States introduced the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. There are a number of rules businesses must adhere to when sending emails. For example, a business must use its legal name, avoid misleading customers, and identify its message as an ad.

Now that you understand the essential components of a successful email, it’s time to get down to business. Copy & Paste these FREE email marketing templates now to begin effectively communicating with your audience. All of these emails are designed to be easily customizable for your business. Enter your business name and customize each message with offers that will attract your customers. Enjoy!

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The Welcome Email

A welcome email is just what it sounds like – a friendly way to say hello to new customers! Here’s how we suggest introducing yourself and all that your business has to offer.

(Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template)

Hey There, [Name]

We just wanted to reach out today to say thank you!
At (business name) we know that you could choose to do business with anyone but
are extremely grateful that you chose us.

Every month, we’ll send you a few emails. Here’s what you can expect inside.

  • Fun tips on how to use your new product
  • Great deals on all of your favorite items
  • Opportunities to share what you love about your product with your friends
Want to get a little bit more of what you love from (business name)? Click below.

See you soon!

Survey Email

Once you have a loyal customer, it’s fun to get to know a little bit more about them and what they expect from your business. Here’s a simple survey email template you can use to take your business to the next level.

(Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template)

Hi{Customer Name}!

Since we’ve known each other for a little while now, we didn’t think it’d be too weird to ask you a few questions. We’ll use your answers to provide you with better offers and new products you’re sure to love – we promise it’ll only take a minute!


*Whenever you send a survey email, be sure to keep it short and sweet. It should take no more than 1-2 minutes for a customer to respond to all of your questions.

Marketing Promotion

There’s nothing loyal customers love more than an offer for their favorite product in their inbox. Here’s an example of how you can give them the good news.

(Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template)

Hey {Customer Name}!

We thought we’d do something fun today and give away one of our best offers of the year. For the next 12 hours, you can use the code 40FORFUN to get 40% off of your entire online purchase!


Have Fun!

Happy Anniversary Email

If you’re customer sticks around for an entire year (or more) you’re going to want to say thank you! An anniversary email is a quick way to show your gratitude and give them a gift of appreciation.

(Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template)

Dear{Customer Name},

Can you believe we’ve known each other for a whole year!? You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! To say thanks for staying by our side, we want to give you a little gift. The best part is YOU get to choose what it is! Use this link to redeem a free product worth up to $15 from our store for the next 24 hours!

We hope we see you here again next year!

Re-Engagement Email

Unfortunately, not all customers stick around for the long-haul. When one of your best clients seems to disappear, you can use a well-crafted email to win them back. Here’s how to do it.

(Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template)

Dear{Customer Name},

We haven’t seen you around in a while…We know there are a lot of reasons why you might be MIA but if you still like us, we’d love to see you again. If you want to give us another chance, we’ll throw in a free gift with your next purchase. 


If you don’t want to hear from us again, we understand – all good things must come to an end. You can click below to unsubscribe.

Hope to see you soon!

If you need help creating an email marketing strategy that works, the team at Seventh Scout is here for you! We will get to know you and your business to figure out the best ways to market to your customers and get your emails moving up in their inbox again. Talk to us today to schedule a consultation!

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