Digital Marketing During Coronavirus – Inbound Marketing for Sales

Digital Marketing During Coronavirus webinar sharing tips and best practices for Inbound Marketing for Sales

Inbound marketing is a extremely popular and useful for marketers, but did you know that sales teams benefit from inbound marketing, as well? Imagine attracting your ideal prospects with such regularity that your sales team need only pick up the phone and take the call?

We’re familiar with inbound marketing as the best way to offer meaningful content designed specifically for your audience. Where outbound marketing can be disruptive, inbound marketing helps to forge connections and offer solutions for the problems your audience is currently focused on. Despite having “marketing” in the name, inbound activities are actually hugely beneficial to sales teams as well. Projects that fall under the title of inbound marketing serve to get more business, transform leads into valuable customers, and in general, make the sales teams’ jobs a whole lot easier! A solid inbound marketing strategy, either built and sustained internally or with the support of a marketing agency, will ensure your current and future customers are supported.

When your sales and marketing teams work together, use HubSpot to its full potential, and know the right tools to employ at the right time, your business will be unstoppable. So buckle up for some big growth. Let’s get started.

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Lynn Yeldell

Lynn Yeldell is the Owner of Seventh Scout. She is commonly referred to as our quarterback due to her love for advocating for others and leading teams.

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