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What started as a conversation about the power of working with diverse teams resulted in coverage of our agency in the International Business Times and Markets Insider.

I always knew it was important to me to be inclusive in building our team. And as we have grown, I hear from our clients the impact of our different perspectives in building thoughtful campaigns and strategies. At Seventh Scout, we believe in the power of diversity. We understand that a team of diverse individuals brings unique perspectives and insights to the table. This is invaluable, allowing us to develop innovative strategies and marketing solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs.

These business news outlets detail how we provide personalized service to our clients. The article “Standing Out in the Crowd” helped connect my professional background with Seventh Scout’s uniquely tailored approach for each client. It was an awesome feeling to see these personal and professional values elevated to a global audience. Many thanks for joining our small but mighty team on this journey of being nice and making better!


"Seventh Scout is a results-driven digital marketing agency that stands out in a competitive market with its tagline, "Be Nice. Make Better." The agency has earned a reputation over the years for its personal touch and the in-depth services that it provides to its clients. The agency has won several awards to its credit, including the 2020 LGBT Owned Business of the Year, American Marketing Association for Best Website 2022 in Austin, Texas, and Best Marketing Consultants in Austin Award 2022. Seventh Scout is a highly diverse business. It is LGBTQ and woman-owned, and all 5 of its full-time employees identify as female."

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Lynn Yeldell

Lynn Yeldell is the Owner of Seventh Scout. She is commonly referred to as our quarterback due to her love for advocating for others and leading teams.

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