Implementing a scalable, sustainable digital solution for a growing brand

Like many growing companies, HireBetter was experiencing a “good problem to have.” The Austin-based recruiting firm went from a startup to an established firm that needed a strong digital presence to stay competitive. Seventh Scout partnered with Go9 Media to implement a sustainable solution for HireBetter that would not only promote its services and thought leadership, but also serve as an inbound marketing tool.

HireBetter wants to build the best team for your business and understands the high stakes in building the right team. Taking a new approach to recruiting, HireBetter has worked with a number of companies to strategically guide their talent acquisition process to help support sustainable growth.

Like many growing companies, HireBetter had a website and digital presence that no longer met their needs. They grew from a new startup in a crowded space to an established firm that needed a digital presence. This new solution needed to offer information about their services and had to serve as a robust marketing tool to reach new audiences and convert those audiences into new customers.

Following a thorough brand exploration with both internal stakeholders as well as customers, the process to re-imagine HireBetter’s digital channels was two-fold, with the website being the main focus and first priority.

The team analyzed the existing technical infrastructure and constructed a system that could support their new efforts.This required a complete re-architecture of the content framework was accompanied by a thoughtful evolution of the existing visual brand. The team acknowledged the importance of design and content and these two disciplines were integrated from the very first step of the process, so that development wouldn’t operate in a silo effort. An aggressive build schedule was made possible by solid project management and employing an agile build methodology.

The second piece involved a thorough content strategy. HireBetter had a substantial amount of content and needed help reaching the right audience and measuring ongoing efforts.

Part of the strategy consisted of the following:

  • Discover the right set of keywords and key phrases to reach target audiences.
  • Create a pipeline of different types of content to use within lead generation activities.
  • Develop a series of dashboards where analytics would visually represent what is working with these new processes and where there were opportunities to improve.

Positive Outcomes

The new site became HireBetter’s digital “front door”, offering visitors easy access to information related to HireBetter’s services as well as a collection of helpful articles and resources.The website also formed the foundation of HireBetter’s entire digital marketing process.

In implementing a robust plan of deliverables, the well-structured and optimized site not only loaded faster across every device, it was built to allow search engines to easily index the valuable content and rank better in search engine results. A robust content calendar and lead generation activities combined to make a site that not only visually represented the brand, but also served as a marketing channel for the growing company.

By The Numbers


Increase in Site Traffic
(YOY 2017-2018)


Increase Total Engagements
(April 2018 – August 2018)


Increase Facebook Followers
(April 2018 – August 2018)