Medical Office Training & Certification

Optimizing an online education offering to scale a business

After dominating the Medical Office Training & Certification industry for over 35 years, Practice Management Institute came to Seventh Scout to increase awareness of their online learning options. The organization, which trains and certifies medical office professionals, recognized that the industry had shifted from hosting live in-person events to online education. They engaged Seventh Scout to promote their Online Training Center.

PMI has been in business since 1983, so it’s not surprising that they have a huge loyal base of customers. But in order to grow their business, PMI recognized they needed to expand their reach and engage with new clients.

  • They needed a marketing automation tool to help their marketing function be more efficient internally and be more effective externally.
  • The data from our findings indicated that while the PMI Online Training Center was getting great traffic, a majority of the traffic dropped off and exited the website once they visited the registration form.
  • The data also indicated that successful online registrations were coming from their existing users (their loyal fan base) and that they were primarily on desktop.

With PMI, Seventh Scout created a smart strategy, which involved brand awareness and lead generation activities to increase attendance for all online webinars, classes, certification assessments and programs. We helped promote all webinars through email, social media, and paid advertising. With PMI’s expertise, we crafted unique mobile-friendly, landing pages for their online certification programs and assessment tools. The certification assessment tools targeted visitors who were interested in learning more about the online certifications. Drip campaigns were developed to nurture these visitors and provide additional information.

PMI was eager to implement a marketing automation system to streamline their communications with existing and potential customers. HubSpot was selected as the tool and Seventh Scout led the setup and onboarding.

  • We helped to optimize and import their existing contact lists from their databases, and set up new contact forms on their website that would send conversions into the tool. This would provide a central location for their contacts – a CRM – where they can easily execute targeted campaigns.
  • We also used Hubspot to fill in the gaps within the customer journey to nurture leads and retain customers. We created drip campaigns for certification assessments, providing strategic encouragement via follow-up emails.