Field Notes: Cheers to Three Years of Service, Partnership, and Community with Texas Health Action

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At Seventh Scout, we are so proud as we wrap up our partnership with Texas Health Action (THA). This endeavor resonates deeply with our core values and commitment to community service. It’s been a transformative journey, working alongside a mission-driven organization that provides essential medical and mental health services to Texans, particularly within the LGBTQIA+ community. The impact of our collaborative efforts, particularly in launching the TeleKind initiative, has been profound and far-reaching. Our involvement went beyond mere professional engagement; it was a heartfelt commitment, as our team members Rhodes, Lynn, and Eve brought personal insight and passion to the project. As we celebrate the successes and milestones achieved together, we eagerly anticipate our next collaboration. We hope to continue making significant strides in finding a new community partner where our collective expertise can truly make a difference.

Collaborating with Texas Health Action has been more than just a professional engagement; it's been a heartfelt journey. It was an honor to align our expertise with THA's noble mission. Each website developed, and every update overseen carried the weight of impacting lives positively. Partnerships like these underscore our work's true essence: creating change with every click and code. I’m proud to have played a part in that.

Reflecting on Our work

Comprehensive Services Propel Client Success

Texas Health Action (THA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide Texans, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community, medical and mental health services at little to no cost to the patient. They’ve been doing this important work since 2015 and have provided care and services to thousands of Texans. THA operates four Kind Clinic locations in three cities providing sexual wellness and gender-affirming care. In 2021, Waterloo Counseling Center in Austin, which has provided affordable mental health counseling since 1983, became a Texas Health Action program. That same year Texas Health Action launched TeleKind to provide free care and services via virtual visits and at-home testing.

Seventh Scout began working with Texas Health Action at the beginning of the TeleKind initiative, and we were responsible for building the TeleKind website. We were thrilled they’d selected our little GAYgency for this important work. We knew we would be a great fit for the project, not just because of our talent and services but also because of the people on our team. As members of the Austin LGBTQIA+ community, Rhodes, Lynn, and Eve were familiar with the Kind Clinic and the vital services they provided. Eve brought additional relevant experience as both someone who’d received gender-affirming care and through her work training and educating healthcare providers in the best practices of providing competent gender-affirming care during her time as a founding board member of the Central Texas Transgender Healthcare Coalition. 

TeleKind expanded access to HIV prevention and care to Texans living in rural areas, an important service considering that according to the Texas State Office of Rural Health, 75% of counties in Texas are designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas and/or Medically Underserved Areas. This includes 64 counties without a hospital and 25 counties without a primary care physician. Telehealth services are a valuable tool because they allow patients to be discrete and discuss their sexual health in the comfort of their homes without fear of stigma or judgment. These same conditions apply to the gender-affirming care that TeleKind provides, as transgender Texans living in rural areas often must travel great distances to receive care.

How Seventh Scout Contributed to THA's Mission

At Seventh Scout, we’re not just about delivering services but about making an impact. Our partnership with Texas Health Action (THA) has been a testament to this ethos. As we reflect on our journey together, we review the specific areas where our collaborative efforts have come to life. From amplifying voices through social media campaigns to crafting targeted paid ads, from developing and maintaining a robust online presence with website development to capturing the essence of THA’s mission through thoughtful graphic design—each facet of our work has contributed significantly to THA’s essential and life-saving purpose. In the following sections, we’ll explore the breadth and depth of our work together and how it has supported THA’s vital mission.

Graphic Design

It was particularly meaningful for Seventh Scout to work on Texas Health Action projects promoting health and wellness for the LGBTQIA+ community. Our team had a lot of fun designing digital ads for TeleKind’s PrEP (HIV prevention) services, even if some of those advertisements violated the “community standards” 🙄😊 of the digital platforms. 

Another project was a campaign to spotlight the role that 340B, a somewhat obscure government regulation, plays in allowing Kind Clinic to provide affordable and free services. There’s an anecdotal sentiment in the Central Texas LGBTQIA+ community that Kind Clinic is only for folks who don’t have health insurance, and this campaign sought to dispel that notion and explain how insured patients actually serve an important part of helping Kind Clinic obtain the funding it needs to provide services for the uninsured.

creative for campaign to spotlight the role that 340B

Social Media & Paid Ads

In our work with Texas Health Action, we collaborated on managing and optimizing paid advertising campaigns via social media channels and Google Ads. This included assisting with campaign creation through drafting copy, collaborating on creatives, keyword research, and more. Some of our most influential campaigns included:

  • Launching TeleKind advertising, promoting virtual LGBTQ+ telehealth services to the broader Texas area during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Launching Kind Clinic advertising in San Antonio, promoting the expansion of the Kind Clinic brand south of Austin.

I was lucky to work with the brands under the Texas Health Action umbrella for an awesome three years. This brand allowed me to think creatively and outside of the box - and with a new industry! Kind Clinic and TeleKind brought a welcoming and fun approach to sexual health. I loved being a part of work that I knew could have a direct and positive impact on those right here in the local community.

Website Development & Maintenance

Seventh Scout took the lead in creating and maintaining their digital presence, ensuring that their values of service and community shine through every pixel. With the talents of Rodrigo in web development and Eve’s eye for design, Seventh Scout crafted user-friendly, informative, and accessible websites. Our journey began with the original TeleKind website, and our recent relaunch is a testament to our shared commitment to growth and accessibility. Each step we take is driven by the mission to make healthcare accessible for all—a mission THA embodies so well. Our work goes beyond functionality; it’s about creating a digital space that echoes the warmth, inclusivity, and support that is the heart of THA.

Managed Websites:

As we reflect on the impactful partnership with Texas Health Action (THA), our hearts swell with pride. This collaboration has not only aligned with our values but has allowed us to contribute meaningfully to the community’s well-being. Closing this chapter doesn’t mark an end but rather a transition to new possibilities and opportunities to make a positive impact. 

We invite you to learn more about THA’s incredible mission and show your support by visiting their website. Together, we can continue fostering positive change and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Join us in supporting THA’s vital work, and let’s build a healthier, more inclusive future together.

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