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‘Tis the season to be gifting! Our team of Scouts has compiled a list of “must have’s” for all the small businesses on your list! This curated gift guide is inspired by our favorite small business marketing tools that our agency utilizes and recommends for our Seventh Scout clients. 

These tools are perfect for small businesses looking to improve productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and reporting. No lumps of coal for our hardworking and determined clients. These past two years have been hard enough. This curated list of small business marketing tools is perfect for all sizes of teams! Check out our favorites below and treat yourself to success!

Seventh Scout Gift Guide

For the small business that wants to be found and seen

In order to appeal to search engines, it’s important to focus on two aspects that highly impact your search ranking – your content and the overall health of your website. Yoast SEO and GTMetrix help our agency stay on top of this.

Yoast SEO, a seamless WordPress plugin, ​​makes sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards while also giving you the tools to optimize your content for SEO and overall readability. Yoast SEO can recognize related keyphrases, synonyms of keyphrases, and different word forms of your keyphrases. This allows you to write more naturally and makes it easier to improve your content for audiences and the search engines, thus optimizing your website with the right keywords to reach your desired audience. 

GTMetrix allows customers to easily test the performance of their webpages and track performance with monitoring, graphs, and alerts. With GTMetrix, you can test your website speed in different countries, devices, browsers, connection speeds, and more. GTmetrix’s report page neatly summarizes your page performance based on key indicators and even scores your website with a letter grade, making it easy to understand the health of your website.

For the small business that wants to choose their words specifically carefully wisely

As small business marketing experts, we usually understand our strategic plans, but how do we communicate them? Semrush and Grammarly help our team ensure our communication matches our strategic thinking.

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Through Semrush, your small business can perform key marketing research. For example, use the keyword research tools to discover the best keywords to target and bring traffic back to your website or competitor analysis to increase your website traffic and improve performance with competitors’ winning strategies. Additionally, Semrush aids your small business in developing a powerful content strategy, auditing on-page SEO, building paid search campaigns, and more.

As more of an internal tool, our team uses Grammarly. Grammarly helps your team members write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other app you use. Grammarly ensures that everything you write is coming across the way you intend by providing real-time suggestions to strengthen writing, eliminating grammar errors, improving your text, and making your writing clear and engaging.

For the small business who wants to connect share evaluate

In the digital age, your business’s online presence is only becoming more important, and social media is often the first place many customers turn to investigate a company. If you’re managing a social media account, third-party tools can help your small business tackle social media tasks in one place. For us, Sprout Social is the winner.

Through Sprout Social, your team can effortlessly plan, create manage, and deliver social content and campaigns. Their software allows you to optimize scheduling times, target specific audiences, boost paid media, collaborate with clients and team members, streamline and scale monitoring and engagement efforts, track trends, and more. Most importantly, with their reporting feature, your small business can drive strategic decision-making with rich social data and analytics.

For the small business that wants to create and be self-sufficient

Websites are becoming more complex by the day as plugins, widgets, and design features continue to evolve. To keep up with the times, our marketing experts turn to Elementor. Elementor is the leading website builder platform for professionals on WordPress. Elementor aids web professionals in creating powerful and beautiful websites using a comprehensive all-in-one design solution. Small business marketing experts can build and customize every part of your website including custom widgets, positions, padding, margins, and global settings for colors & typographies.

Our team utilized Elementor to build our website.

For the small business who wants to design share

A graphic speaks a thousand words, right? It’s important that your brand is emphasized not only through content, but through your visuals and design as well. 

Canva makes graphic design easy and seamless for teams that may just be starting out, as well as those who may be more advanced. With Canva, marketing professionals gain access to free templates, design types, photos, and graphics to get a jump start on their design needs. With a pro membership, you can easily save and apply your brand or campaign colors, logos, and fonts. Canva also makes collaboration with marketing team members easier than ever by allowing you to make edits and comments in real-time.

Now that you’ve heard our recommendations, it’s time to treat your small business to the marketing tools that will ultimately simplify your work life and lead to greater success! Happy Holidays!

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