Swinging Success: ULI Austin’s Game Day Recap

featured image: ULI Austin's Game Day Recap

We just wrapped up ULI Austin’s 13th Annual Game Day, and we’re still buzzing! This marked our debut as proud ULI Austin members! The warm welcome and fantastic first impressions from fellow ULI members made our first event unforgettable. We’re thrilled to dive deeper into the ULI mission, contribute our unique perspective, and build lasting connections.

As for the golfing… It involved a lot of laughter, a few impressive swings, some not-so-impressive ones, and a whole bunch of high-fives. While we didn’t walk away with a win on the course, we found success during the Tree Mann Solutions raffle, the putt-putt challenge, and at the delicious Gimme Burger. (And we are still thinking about those french fries!) Plus, our friend Bill McDonald from HR Green joined us for the afternoon!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to ULI Austin and its incredible members for making our first event so memorable!

Whether you’re a seasoned ULI member or a new face like us, let’s continue this journey together! Connect with us on social media!

Snapshots from the Course

Jennifer Forsmann

Jennifer Forsmann

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