Digital Marketing During Coronavirus – Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing During Coronavirus webinar sharing tips and best practices for Social Media Strategy

There is one unifying behavior emerging from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and that is each of us overwhelmingly believe that we will use social media more as we remain confined at home. Every single social media channel shows a predicted increase in usage.Statistic: Share of social media users in the United States who believe they will use select social media more if confined at home due to the coronavirus as of March 2020 | Statista
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This is significant because prior to the pandemic, in the first quarter of 2020, social media usage was relatively flat at 20% of total mobile app usage, according to Nielson. But in mid-March, as “stay home” orders were issued in multiple areas, social media app usage has now increased to 25%. 

Now that your prospects, clients, peers, coworkers are all now deepening their usage of social media when they previously had told you they were abandoning the platforms, what are you doing to adapt?

In the fourth of our Digital Marketing During Coronavirus webinar series, our team covers the following tips to kick start your social media and continue to perfect your utilization. We will help you and your organization:

  • How to choose the best social media platform(s)
  • The difference between being active and participating
  • How to mine your social media for trends and keywords
  • Create testing strategies to maximize your engagement
  • and more



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Upcoming Webinar:

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
12pm CST



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