Our team is celebrating our continued partnerships through a special gift to you, our clients. 

While each of our team members loves Swiss Army Knives, the inspiration came from our clients in the form of a metaphor. 

Our collective job is to be a utility to your team, helping your business meet growth and marketing goals. Just like a Swiss Army Knife, our team takes care of so many tasks with just a small group.

The comparison came as we worked together to rebrand our website, becoming the primary inspiration. Our services are made up of these individual tools that we have expertise in. Using a Swiss Army Knife and all of the various components was a great metaphor for the various services that we provide them.

A good Scout is always prepared.

This incorporation of a Swiss Army Knife in talking about our services shows we’re always prepared to do more and expand our footprint and lend our expertise to our clients in ways they may not be taking advantage of currently. Some components of the Swiss Army Knife are used more frequently than others, but all the tools are always there at your disposal.

Tools of the Trade

We hope you draw a comparison between our team members and the individual tools on your Swiss Army Knife.

It was important our motto “Be nice, make better” is on the knife as a reminder to you of our commitment to our work together. We really want to be nice, have a great experience together. But also if we can’t make it better, if we can’t do a specific job, we don’t take it. We want the best for our clients. We don’t shy away from facilitating an introduction to someone who can help you meet your goals.

All of us have gotten gifts from companies along the way that end up in the bottom of a drawer. Our hope is this knife becomes something you actually use. It’s such a perfect way of aligning the way we think about our relationships with our clients, through a meaningful and useful utility.

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Jennifer Forsmann

Jennifer Forsmann is a content manager at Seventh Scout. She is an avid lover of stories, so it's no surprise she finds herself curating the videos, photos, and articles in the Scout's Journal.

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