Seventh Scout Has a New (Website) Look

Our new Seventh Scout site reflects who we are and the value we bring. When you meet us and put our names to the (website) face, it finally makes sense. 

Ok, so we went dark for awhile and here’s why; we got caught up in the situation that many growing businesses experience. We gained momentum, brought in some key clients and partners, put our hearts and minds into delivering amazing work, and neglected our own website in the process.

When we realized we had fallen behind on our brand’s self-care, we decided that instead of going back to our old ways, we would look at our own client work and take our brand through our own path of the Seventh Scout. We walked the talk. We found that in two years of operation, we had grown up both as a team and as a business. Like many growing businesses, our old website no longer reflected who we are and the value and results we deliver to our partners. Our new site says these things and more. And when you meet us and put our names to the (website) face, it finally makes sense.

On the Seventh Scout website, you can:

  • Get answers to what it is we do. Inbound Marketing, Strategy and Analytics, Social Media, Content Creation are just a few. See them all in Services.
  • Move through the Seventh Scout Path. Want to know what really sets us apart from other agencies? Then have a look at the Seventh Scout Path. It’s our own process through which we guide every client and has four checkpoints: Discover, Plan, Act, and Optimize.
  • Browse through our portfolio. Our case studies and testimonials are front and center, on the homepage and in our Work section. See who we’ve worked with and how we helped grow their brand.
  • Gather insights on marketing and learn best practices. When you just need the know-how and the tools to promote your product or service, see our blog for posts from across the marketing spectrum.
  • Meet us. Well, not in person, but we can make that happen. Head to About and learn a little bit about each person on our team. No robots here!
  • Easily contact us. Want to chat? Give us a shout! Let us know where you are with your brand’s journey and how we can help.

Are you a growing brand that’s ready to level up your sales and marketing? We want to hear from you. Contact us and let’s chat about a good path forward.

Picture of Lynn Yeldell

Lynn Yeldell

Lynn Yeldell is the Owner of Seventh Scout. She is commonly referred to as our quarterback due to her love for advocating for others and leading teams.

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