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When tasked with building a WordPress website for your business, the number of options available can be overwhelming. Seventh Scout has utilized several different website page builders over the years to help our clients. However, one tool has stood the test of time, and became essential to our team: Elementor, a WordPress page builder! Seventh Scout first deployed the tool in 2020 when redesigning the New Meridian website. Years later, it is still our trusted website page builder.

Looking for an honest review of Elementor page builder for WordPress websites? Well, your search is over!

Let’s explore its strengths and weaknesses from our team’s experience to help you determine whether it’s the right page builder for your business needs. 

Pros and Cons of Elementor -
A WordPress Website Page Builder


Elementor is not just for experienced developers but for anyone looking to elevate their site’s design. With its intuitive drag-and-drop system of custom widgets and endless design options, anyone can create stunning web pages within minutes.

Widget Library

Every time you add a plugin, you open yourself up to potential risk. Using numerous or old and unsupported plugins may put your site at greater risk of hacking. With Elementor, you can have a more lightweight website. Having a built-in widget library removes the need to install additional plugins, freeing up space and improvinig website health.

The widget library available to both the basic and pro versions includes just about anything you could ever need – from video embeds to listicles and sliders.

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Elementor allows you to customize your website to fit your brand. From typeface to margin spacing, you can mold the templates and widgets to reflect your business. Additionally, Elementor is one of the best mobile website builders. The design interface allows you to view and edit custom interfaces by device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

“I particularly love that Elementor allows for individual edits and device capabilities, making it even easier to create a bespoke website tailored to your needs.” – Eve Molnar

Desktop View


Mobile View



The ability to add motion and animation to the built-in modules is like the sprinkles on the cupcake. Today, the average web user only has an eight-second attention span. And of the content they browse online, most don’t even make it halfway down the page before clicking out.  Adding Elementor animation to your webpages allows for some of the most impressive interactivity and design without having to open a website up to vulnerability from additional plugins or be a skilled UX/UI designer.

Create Memorable Brand Impressions

Easier to Understand Content

Boost Conversion Rates

Motion Graphics are Fun!


One of the key reasons that Elementor stood out was its pervasiveness. While there is a learning curve with any new tool your add to your arsenal, Elementor is lightweight and easy to learn. The Elementor design interface is easy to navigate and is supported, allowing clients and end-users to take control of their website without needing to be an advanced developer or coder. Elementor offers a library of tutorials, FAQs, and other support tools to guide users through learning the tool and overcoming hurdles in design.

“What really sealed the deal for me was the way that it allows clients and end users to take control of their website after we’re done. They don’t need to be coders or advanced developers to be able to update things themselves.” – Lynn Yeldell


It was difficult for our team to find any cons with Elementor. Over the last several years, we’ve personally have had a positive experience with the tool. But, when browsing through reviews from other Elementor users, a few cons stood out: 

There is indeed a downside to this website page builder if any of the items above are important to you. From our experience, these were not issues we ran into or dealbreakers for how we utilize Elementor for our clients.

NOTE – With its rise in popularity, Elementor is currently a number one target for hackers. With any website tool, plug-in, etc., ensure you are taking every precaution to keep your data safe!

Elementor at Work

If you want to see Elementor at work in different capacities, we invite you to explore the functionality and design of our website or explore some of our client’s websites!


Seventh Scout – Bring your brand to life and engage your audience through the animation of elements.


New Meridian – Explore in-depth integration of branding elements..


S. Watts Group – Showcase of a portfolio of work using images, galleries, and video. 


SEAM Group – Utilize a mega menu and improve searchability.

The Long Center – Engage users with color, imagery, and creative calendar and event ticketing plug-ins to build an immersive experience.

The Elementor website page builder has truly revolutionized the way Seventh Scout approaches creating and maintaining websites on WordPress. From its drag-and-drop interface to its powerful customization options, Elementor is a game-changer for anyone looking to take their website to the next level. 

Don’t just take my word for it – connect with our team to learn more about how Elementor can transform your website’s function and maintenance.

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