American Cancer Society

Consulting with an advocacy organization to optimize their online presence

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Control department was preparing to launch their new site Their existing site had stellar traffic, and the organization was concerned those numbers would plummet with their new site. Seventh Scout offered recommendations on how to make a seamless transition to the new domain without losing any SEO ground.

The Cancer Control department was preparing for launching a new site. An online resource that is used by thousands of people each month, the ACSCAN site was already a well-trafficked website. The goal was to help grow that audience, make the transition to the new domain, and avoid losing any ground to their SEO. They also wanted to improve the quality and quantity of their website content to drive engagement, improve SEO, and help achieve the mission of the organization, to help pass laws that help eliminate suffering and death from cancer.

To ensure their goals were fulfilled, they needed a search engine marketing plan, and a thorough audit of current systems and recommendations for upgrading platforms.

The audit reviewed the current platform and illuminated a number of improvements that would make the site more search engine friendly. These recommendations applied to existing pages as well as being crafted into a brief set of tips for volunteer contributors to be used nationwide. A plan was created where staff could guide future content development to align with the goal of growing the digital audience and even align with other digital channels that were already in use at the organization.

Positive Outcomes

As with most projects, the audit formed the foundation of all future work. ACSCAN’s site was large – and well trafficked – supported by massive amounts of content that was used by different audiences. From lawmakers to volunteers to the individuals fighting cancer, the site had valuable information for a variety of different visitors. We were excited to partner with this incredible organization and present them best practices for transitioning to a new website and recommendations for improving SEO.