Blitz Concessions

Order. Eat. Cheer.

Bring a new platform to life that will change the entire concession stand experience.

Blitz Concessions began as a dream for a better way. Founder Leslie Harrell was all too familiar with the pain points a parent volunteer experiences when trying to run, organize and maintain a profitable concession stand to support her kids’ activities. She imagined a better way through technology, and came to Seventh Scout to make it a reality.

blitz concession stand

Leslie wanted to create a platform that would bring inventory management, volunteer scheduling and POS into the modern age; no more relying on cash boxes and clipboards! Leslie knew that fans would order more if they could do it from their seats, or even in the days leading up to the big game. Research shows that concession stands make a lot more money when they can accept credit cards and accommodate text alerts, emails and more technology all around. Seventh Scout came in to lead and manage the creation of the platform, and getting the word out. Working with a trusted technology partner, Seventh Scout built the platform from the ground up, establishing on a web-based system to fulfill concession stand orders, manage volunteers, and inventory. The ultimate goal is to make concession stands more enjoyable for fans, volunteers and managers, and more profitable for the kids!

blitz concession volunteer


blitz website

Positive Outcomes

The best of Blitz is yet to come!

  • Through different phases of the build, Seventh Scout held pre-beta and beta events, inviting focus groups (composed of parent volunteers and school representatives) to attend and share their feedback about the platform. These focus groups help ensure that the platform meets the needs of the ideal users.
  • Seventh Scout built, launched and continues to manage the Blitz Concessions website, social media channels, email marketing, and event promotions.
  • Brand awareness increased month over month with a high performance website that is SEO- and mobile-optimized.
  • Creating a high presence on social media has also increased engagement and brand awareness pre-launch.