Downtown Austin Alliance

Keeping up with the speed of growth

Building a website that keeps up with everything happening downtown.

The Downtown Austin Alliance has protected and promoted Austin’s downtown Public Improvement District (PID) through advocacy, planning, and strategic initiatives since 1993. As our fair city has flourished in the intervening decades, so has the need for the Downtown Austin Alliance to represent and reflect its business constituents. Not only did their website lack functionality for staff to make updates and changes, the visual aesthetic of their site had become dated and not representative of their rapidly expanding, on-trend and high-tech constituency.

Downtown Austin Alliance

The Challenge

Seventh Scout was brought in by Foxtrot Design to execute the site, including UX and UI assessments, and help meet an aggressive timeline. Foxtrot had initiated wireframes and conceptual design for the website. After meeting for a formal handoff with Downtown Austin Alliance, Seventh Scout dedicated a solid month of work to complete the customized project. Downtown Austin Alliance had requested a few special integrations into their website that would facilitate user interactivity with maps, reports, and more. Seventh Scout managed the programming, design, and technical fulfillment without a hitch. Our troop also collaborated directly with Downtown Austin Alliance on content and best practices for displaying articles, statistics, and forms to ensure the website stays user-friendly, searchable and usable long after our engagement is complete.

Downtown Austin Alliances Services



Positive Outcomes

A gorgeous website that’s easy to navigate and continues to serve a variety of needs!

  • High performance website that is optimized for SEO and mobile
  • The site design employes new brand colors which were specifically chosen to evoke an Austin-esque vibe: cool, fun and approachable.
  • The refreshed website meets current industry, UX/UI standards