S Watts Group

Commercial General Contractors

One of Austin’s most sought after Commercial General Contractors

In only a few short years, Shane Watts and his team at S. Watts Group has built some of Autin’s most recognizable buildings and projects. The Preserve at 620 is an excellent example of a complete project that the team has taken from the ground-up to full construction. Many clients simply need an existing space to be repurposed and reimagined such as New York Life, Texas Nurses Association, Home Away and many, many more.

S Watts Group Preserve 620 project

The Challenge

The original S Watts Group website was built as the company was formed several years ago. As the team amassed more and increasingly impressive projects, the website no longer represented the growing portfolio of work. Our team at Seventh Scout reimagined a homepage that would constantly refresh serving up a diverse representation of the breadth of the S Watts Groups work from ground up construction, tenant interiors, healthcare, industrial, sustainable leed, green, retail, restaurant and more. In addition to becoming more visually appealing and representative of the groups successes, our Seventh Scout team added project descriptions as well as a news/blog section to not only give better descriptions of the work and activities but also increase traffic to the site by incorporating keywords and descriptions.

S Watts Group Big Commerce project



S Watts Group website

Positive Outcomes

By refreshing the website, the client now has a website that they are proud of and feel that better represents their expanding growth. With the incorporation of keywords and descriptions, traffic to the website continues to climb with their most active month ever coming just one month after relaunch.