TBG Partners

Upgrading an existing website for a rebranded, growing organization

As part of a completely thorough and beautiful rebrand, Seventh Scout was selected to build out the website for TBG Partners. And, as is the case with many growing companies that “level-up” like this, their existing website wasn’t a complete disaster; they had just outgrown it and needed to revolve it to match their new brand identity rather than try to evolve it.

We love being able to say, “We can build to any design.” Saying that out loud…to a novice Designer can be dangerous. Thankfully, for everyone, in this case we were working with a highly-skilled, thoughtful, and experienced Designer.

Don’t let the seemingly simple design misguide you. This was a challenging design to build to.

With this build came several challenges and a couple firsts. The layouts, while being very trimmed back, were highly technical and specific. We leveraged a single carousel library to dynamically render five different carousel layouts at any point in the website. The Blog (Matter) page is a unique design with very specific layout and interaction requirements.

Positive Outcomes

With projects such as the TBG Partners website build, the reward is in the obsession. Seventh Scout has no visibility into their past or current site analytics, user engagement, etc. We can tell you that the TBG Partners website was very well-received and, more measurably, gets stellar performance ratings.