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Travisso came to Seventh Scout with the need to drive traffic to their website, increase engagement on their social channels, and ultimately generate more leads as a result of these efforts. Because they had an existing website vendor engagement, we had some limitations in our proposed strategy for gaining website traffic. In addition, we butted up against underperforming social channels that needed a complete makeover, in order to increase engagement. Lastly, we had to keep in mind that, like most of our clients, Travisso had previously put thousands of dollars toward these efforts for little payoff.

We started our homework in Travisso’s website analytics and discovered that traffic was either nonexistent or very limited from three specific areas: organic, paid, and social. It was clear they also needed a brand awareness strategy and through early conversations, we identified opportunities for performance improvement in each of those areas.

We tackled the goals of generating more traffic and more leads with a three-pronged approach:

  1. To raise organic traffic and referrals, we put together a content strategy to ensure the Travisso blog would continue to have a steady stream of updated content. This would help greatly improve SEO and SEM, and provide fodder for social media.
  2. For paid media, we created a Google Adwords account. In defining goals with Travisso, we learned they not only wanted to send traffic to the Travisso homepage, but they also needed their builders to have representation. We worked with Travisso to map out keywords and identified URLs that needed more visibility from a search engine perspective. We also used their richest content piece, the monthly homes inventory, to create google and social ads to capitalize on engagement.
  3. In social, we managed and monitored their social media channels. This required a complete overhaul and social strategy. Travisso wanted less “fake followers” and were willing to sacrifice reactions for more link clicks. They also had mentioned they were spending an “insane amount of money” with their current vendor for unimpressive results. We transitioned the content from “fluffy posts” that weren’t resonating with followers to focusing on inventory homes available, talking up specs, features, and keeping posts visual. We also worked in other content to speak to Travisso’s brand.

Positive Outcomes

Within the first month (June 2018) of managing their Facebook channel alone, Travisso received: 270k impressions (up 12% from May), 4,318 fans (up .8%), 3,234 clicks (up 12%)

Keeping the lines of communication open and having excellent client rapport were integral to the continued success of this engagement. Travisso is always receptive to our ideas and recommendations and is beyond grateful for the level of service we provide. They have even consulted with us on outside projects, trusting in our guidance to make them successful.

By The Numbers


Increase in All Site Traffic


Increase Visits From Social Media


Increase Visits From Paid Ads

Seventh Scout has improved our digital results immensely by listening to our needs and delivering spot-on results that get better every month. The personal service and review of our account has made all the difference. They are smart, fast, professional and transparent. Very impressed!

— Kathy Mayer, Marketing Manager at Travisso